The Pages are Printed!

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The Pages are Printed!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were spent in Marceline, MO, the childhood home of Walt Disney and the home of a printing and publishing company named Walsworth Publishing Company.

To say that this charming little town of 2,500 people could have been where Norman Rockwell got his inspiration would be an understatement. The main street that runs through town, appropriately called Main Street USA as the Micky Mouse-eared street sign proclaims, is lined with little store fronts, a theatre where the very first Walt Disney film was first shown, and other assorted community buildings. Around one corner is the Walt Disney Post Office, and around another is the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. Marceline is proud of their famous son.

They are also proud of the largest employer in the town, Walsworth Publishing Company, and with good reason. This company which started with three brothers printing play bills, grew to be known as a publishing company for High School and College year books, and has expanded to print books, magazines, and catalogues. And yesterday, May 18th 2011, they printed The Little Star that Shines for Jesus.

I chose them, because they were a quality USA printing company. My decision was rewarded yesterday by finding out not only do they do quality work, but they exemplify the wholesomeness and ethics for which Frolicking Home stands. Once again, God has directed me and the result is the perfect cradle for Little Star’s birth. As I walked along the production line, I saw good people who took pride in their work. Families were represented who for generations have made their living here. They are decent, genuine, and kind, and I was thrilled to know that the investment of Frolicking Home was providing income to these folks. Little Star was in excellent hands. Sallie and Emilee, Tim and John, Nathan and Julie, and many more whose names I couldn’t even begin to remember, but whose faces I will never forget were putting their talents and energies into telling the world about Jesus. They are part of the planting of seeds, the tilling of soil.


Little Star’s 36 pages were printed on three sheets of huge paper, front and back. Huge machines were set up with multiple plates — one for each of the four primary print colors, front and back. Adjustments were made, color formulas entered, fine tuning done, and pages were printed until the Master Printer determined that a good print was achieved. I then got to inspect the page, compare the color to that of the proof that I had approved, and sign off on the quality so that the printer could proceed with the printing. Three sign-offs for the pages, a sign off for the backing page color, and a sign off for the cover and jacket. I was overjoyed as I saw this idea I had several months ago — about how the Star of Bethlehem must have felt to shine for Jesus — become real.

As I write this, Little Star’s giant paper sheets are sitting on palettes drying. Soon they will be folded and collated, trimmed, stitched together and bound; the covers will be adhered to hardback forms and backing pages will be added; the books will be built and hand dressed with jackets, packed into boxes, and shipped. And then Little Star will be released to begin its journey of changing the world. I’m excited. And I pray that God blesses and speaks to the heart of each person who touches each Little Star book. I pray that He has done so for each person who has touched Little Star so far. I know He has me.

But before you go… Want to feel good about America again? Take a look at a manufacturing line in Marceline, MO that is still filled and operating with American workers. Visit their website at

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