The Blue Lines are In!

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May 13, 2011 · 18:03 |

The Blue Lines are In!

This morning Blue Lines for Little Star arrived.

It was very exciting to see Little Star in print! I cannot explain how wonderful it was to see the book and to hold pages of it in my hands. And to realize that it actually looks better than I had imagined. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh my!!! It’s going to be a wonderful book. It IS a wonderful book! I am so thrilled!

After looking at the pages, reviewing the pages, looking some more, I sent them back to the printer with my approval to proceed. The package will arrive on Monday. Tuesday Linda, my publisher, and I will arrive at that location to see Little Star actually being printed and bound! I’ll be taking pictures and will share them with you in the near future. The printers will continue printing and binding Little Star over the next week or so. Then they will box them up and ship them to me! And that’s when the fun begins!

Being able to get the story of Little Star into the hands of children, reaching out to the whole world to proclaim in a brand new way that Jesus was born for them — THAT’S what it is all about! I will be praying over each and every book, that the hands that open it will also have open hearts to receive God’s good news and will accept Jesus! To touch the hearts and lives of children and their families… to win souls for the Kingdom of God… that is my prayer!

Those of you who are coming along with me on this journey… I invite you to pray for Little Star too! May we all be used for God’s glory! It really is all about HIM! (But isn’t this frolicking stuff fun?)

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