Our Official Release Date is Fast Approaching!

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October 10, 2011 · 18:21 |

Our Official Release Date is Fast Approaching!

November 5, 2011 is the official release date for The Little Star that Shines for Jesus, but pre-release sales are going strong! We’ve had several Book Signings so far: one at New Hope Community Church in Lakewood, WA; an impromptu signing at my high school reunion in Newport, KY; and a signing at Newport First Church of the Nazarene in Newport, KY.

Impromptu Book Signing at Newport High School Class of '76 Reunion
Impromptu Book Signing at Newport High School Class of ’76 Reunion

Little Star has been well received! And he is going around the world! He’s headed to Taiwan, Africa, and Bolivia thanks to some people who are carrying him with them to his new home. It’s exciting to think about how this book can be used by God! I’m so thrilled that people think this story worthy of sharing with others. But the story of Jesus is like that: once you know about Him, you’ve got to tell someone else.

The thing that is happening that I never even imagined is that children are taking the book to their schools and reading them to their teachers and friends! I had dreamed that children and parents would share this story, and hopefully because Little Star is so cute, that anyone whose heart had been harded against God in the past might see Little Star and allow God to speak to him or her again. That has been my prayer. But to know that this story is being shared among friends, schools, outside of family units, well… it is a blessing beyond my wildest dreams!

Little Star belongs to God. He created that star long ago, and the story is His too! I’m just thrilled to be along for the ride!

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