Our Logo!

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July 21, 2011 · 12:16 |

Our Logo!

Our LogoToday our logo has been finalized. I’m thrilled with it. Once again, Gary Sanchez has created a winner!

It’s got so much meaning crammed into this little space. I told you about the reason for “Frolicking Home” being that we are His sheep on our journey to our Heavenly Home. But beyond the name, the first things I notice are the arcs indicating a little lamb’s frolicks. I love the green; they remind me of the green pastures of Psalm 23. The next is the star burst. It holds so many meanings for me: light — Jesus said we are the light of the world; a star – a subtle reminder of “Little Star”, our first book; and the light from a distance is a reminder to me of Jesus’ coming one day! But did you notice the cross embedded in the first letter?

It is also fun! I think young and old will find energy and life in it. The colors are just right — vibrant, but not over-powering.

I hope you like it too.

Thanks Gary!

And thank You God for giving me this vehicle to share Your love and salvation to the world! Bless it! AMEN!

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