Our First Publisher — Heart to Heart

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Our First Publisher — Heart to Heart

Choosing a publishing company is tricky business! Especially when you are trying to do a Christian book and you want to work with people who also embrace the same values and ethics as you do, and dare I say, serve the same God as you.

But since the first idea of Little Star came into my mind, I have felt God’s leading. He led me to Gary about whom I told you yesterday. He also led me to Linda Hawkins and Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc.

Linda is a Christian author who began her publishing company, Heart to Heart, with the goal of reaching other people’s heart through the written word — from her heart to theirs. She found as a writer that it was often difficult to work with publishing companies, so she decided to start her own that would be fair to her as the owner, but also fair to the authors. Throughout our journey, she has not only taught me about this business, but she has become my friend and sister in Christ.

Check out Linda’s company at: http://hearttoheartpublishinginc.com/Home.aspx. Pretty soon Little Star will be featured on her website!

Next week Linda and I will be meeting in Kansas City, Missouri to visit the company that will be printing Little Star so that we can witness the first books coming off the presses. I will be sure to tell you all about it when I get back. I’m so excited! Linda received the “blue lines” (the sample printing of the book) today and is sending them to me tomorrow to give final approval. It’s actually happening! She tells me they look great.

Once again, thanks for coming along on this journey with me. Invite others to come along, too! I think it will be fun. And even better than fun, maybe together we can win some for the Kingdom of God. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

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