How to Buy!

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How to buy!

Even though our official release date isn’t until November 2011, you can get your copies of “The Little Star that Shines for Jesus” now! We are doing pre-release sales and there are a number of ways you can purchase your copies (I say copies, because these make great Christmas gifts for young and old!)

Here are the ways you can get your own “Little Star“:

  1. You can purchase from my publisher, Heart to Heart at: or you can call at 270.526.5589
  2. You can contact me directly at via email at, via telephone at 703.864.7325, or if you happen to be where I am, just ask! I have them with me most of the time! (But good luck in keeping track of me. I have a hard time keeping up with my schedule!)
  3. If you don’t mind waiting, you can pre-order them for delivery in November from Barnes & Noble at:

If you prefer or, they will eventually have them in their on-line stores, but haven’t uploaded our data yet. But they will!

Also, I will be doing book signings across the country. Check the Events page of this blog for the latest dates.

I’ve been thrilled with the response. Books are moving quickly and I am very hopeful that a second publishing will be in the future!

Order your copy today! How can you resist this face?

Little Star

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