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There are many ways you can be a part of Frolicking Home


We have tried to design this site so that you can choose just how much or how little mail you receive from us and to provide you with with many avenues for communicating with us and us with you.  Allow us to give you an overview.




Sign up for our newsletter and become a Frolicker!  You can do so on the form on our home page.  Our newsletter is sent out for major announcements like press releases, new product releases, or major events.  It’s not regularly scheduled and will only appear in your mailbox for big reasons — maybe once a month, if that!  We don’t want to be a burden to you, but we do want you to know what is happening! 


Daily Frolic

We also have another email that goes out on a daily basis.  It is called Daily Frolic and you can sign up for that by sending an email note to  Just put FROLIC in your subject line!  Your Daily Frolic is a mini-devotional:   a meme with a picture of a child and an appropriate Bible verse to go with it.  It is a gift to you from Frolicking Home that will daily remind you to seek God through His Word and it gives both us and you the opportunity to sweetly share God with others.   This has no ads, just the meme and our name so you know it is coming from us, and instructions on how to sign up in case you forward it to a friend and they want to sign up too. 



In addition to getting Daily Frolics in the mail, we have archived them on our website in case you missed one.  We started them at the end of June 2013 and have been faithful to publish one every day since then.  Our archives offer you the opportunity to comment on each one if you choose — you can let us know which ones really spoke to you, touched your heart, or those you didn’t like.  You might even find other Frolickers along the way.  You can find our archives at:


Social Media

We can also be found on Facebook (Frolicking Home, LLC), Twitter (Cindy Peak), and LinkedIn (Cindy (Hurrelbrink) Peak).  If you are a part of any of these social communities, please visit our pages and LIKE us!  There are links on our homepage for Twitter and Facebook to make it easy for you to LIKE us, too!



Meeting you is always the icing our our cake!  We’ve created a page that announces our upcoming events:  We hope that if we are able to be in your area that you might come out and see us!  So feel free to watch this page to see if we are headed your way.  And if you’d like to help that along, just email me ( and invite me to a place near you!   You’d be surprised where I show up!



We have a blog:  It was started on the day our first book headed off to the printers and has been a sort of running history of things that have happened as God has blessed us along this journey.


Our Store

And of course, we invite you to visit our store at the website for books and book friends.  We pray these will be a blessing to you and your children) as you introduce them to God and teach them of His love for them.   Thank you for allowing us to share God with your little ones!  It’s an honor we cherish.



Communication is a Two-Way Street                                 

We are doing our best to keep you informed about the happenings at Frolicking Home.  We want you to be a part of that communication — not just in receiving it, but also in letting us know how we can best serve you for God’s glory.  Share your thoughts, praise, complaints, ideas, and anything else God puts on your heart.  There are places in the website to comment and you can always contact us at the CONTACT  link at the bottom of the page.  Let’s frolic home to Heaven together!