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The summer of 2013 is almost over, but there was no vacation time at Frolicking Home!  We had lots of balls in the air and lots going on!  Let me catch you up while I catch my breath…

First Frolicking Home has taken a major step:  we have expanded the company to not just write and create books, but to publish them too!  Our first Frolicking-Home-published-book will be out in late October 2013.  It is the first in the series of books about Little Lamb, Little Lamb Meets the Shepherd.  We just got the art back from our wonderful illustrator, Gary Sánchez, and now it is time to do the layout of the pages of text.   After that the book will be uploaded to the printer and then a couple of weeks later, Little Lamb books will be coming off the presses! 

In doing our own publishing, we’ve been able to make a major breakthrough in price.  I love Little Star, but I have always felt that the original price of $19.99 was too much for a children’s book.  We dropped the price to $15.00 and took the hit in being able to recover the costs of publishing just to get it into the hands of children. We have looked into cost savings methods for printing and have found several that really do make a difference.   One change you will see in the Little Lamb series is that the books will not have a jacket.  Now I like the book jackets, but I don’t think they are worth the $2.00 additional cost in printing (that’s with no mark-up at all).  If you all feel otherwise, please let me know!  In addition, we have slightly modified the size on the order of 1/2 an inch in each direction, and that little modification has saved us lots in the cost of printing!  Who knew?!!  Let me know what you think of this new size.  Because of these, Little Lamb Meets the Shepherd will be offered at $6.99!   That’s a savings of $13.00 per book!  I’m hoping that the next printing of Little Star we will be able to get near that as well. 

Secondly, we have entered into the world of electronic books!  Before Christmas this year, you will be able to purchase both The Little Star that Shines for Jesus and Little Lamb Meets the Shepherd in Kindle format on  I’m not sure how well this will be received with children’s books, but it will provide us another avenue to market that is already established.  So, stay tuned!

Our third big accomplishment for this summer is that we have designed and built our first exhibition booth for Frolicking Home.  I’m actually sitting at our booth right now — in the dining room! — as we check it out in anticipation of its first outing at Covenant America 2013 (  Having this will allow us the opportunity to take our products on the road — to other events, book signing, appearances at church and school events, street fairs, and more!  We have our company name and logo on a huge sign and have a large screen HDTV to project presentations about the company, our books, the Daily Frolics and special topics.  We’ve created six video presentations and still have one more to go!  I’m hoping to be able to share these on the website too, but that’s a project that will have to wait a bit.

What is a Daily Frolic?  I almost forgot to tell you about this newest addition!  Each day, we are creating a meme that gets distributed via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, other sites, and in your mailbox if you sign up (; the meme is a picture of a child with an appropriate Bible verse printed on it.  They serve as little reminders of our daily need to be in God’s Word, and also as little blessings each day.  They are our gift to those of you who follow us, and hopefully will enable both us and you to spread the word about God!  We have big plans for these Daily Frolics, so keep watching!

Another new thing to Frolicking Home is our new category of product:  Book Friends.  We have had little lighted stars that we used at school appearances for the kids — inexpensive fun stars that light up and remind them to shine for Jesus.  But now, we’ve made this area an official part of the business.  Although we have not yet found a stuffed version of Little Star, we have found a wonderful line of high quality lambs made by Hansa USA.  We are thrilled with this association (we have become an official distributor for Hansa) and hope that you will be too!  They are handmade lambs, soft and very realistic, and whose goal is to bring the story of Little Lamb to your little one in a tangible way.  As you read Little Lamb to your child, he or she can cuddle his or her very own little lamb.  As the story tells your child about how the Shepherd loves Little Lamb, you can tell your child that the Shepherd loves him or her too!  And your child can carry that message with him or her as he or she goes to bed, visits grandma and grandpa, plays with others, or just sits in timeout!  But everywhere Little Lamb goes that message of God’s love for your child will go too!  It takes the security of the teddy bear to a whole new level, because it directs that security to where it belongs:  WITH GOD!  Your child can feel secure because he or she knows that God loves him or her! 

We are looking into an appropriate book friend for Little Star, and until we find a suitable stuffed toy, we will continue with our little lighted star on a lanyard.  I’ll be adding this to our website in the near future.

And of course, the last big new deal at Frolicking Home you are already aware of because you are here:  it’s our new website!  And we have a button on our home page to sign up for the RSS feed, too!  I’m telling you, we are big time now!   I hope you like it!  We worked many, many hours in building this site to be cheerful and beautiful, appealing for a child, yet interesting and informative to adults.  We wanted it to explain our goals and mission and to give parents the confidence to entrust their children’s entertainment to us.  It is a huge responsibility, and one we take very seriously and prayerfully as we seek God’s direction in all we do. 

Let me encourage you to become involved in Frolicking Home.  I want to hear from you!  What you like and what doesn’t work as well for you.  For instance, would you like to submit pictures of your child to be featured in a Daily Frolic?  Let me know! 

So I’ve been busy while on my summer “vacation!”  I hope yours was wonderful too.  Now, that I’ve gotten my breath, it’s back to the business of keeping our children safe — safe in their persons, safe in their minds, and safe in their spiritual development.


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