Another Happy Note and More!

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Another Happy Note and More!

With permission, I am pleased to share another endorsement of Little Star!

“What a beautiful telling of the birth of our Savior, and every child who hears it will understand how important he is to God and how God will prepare and use him for His purposes, regardless of his age or size.”

–Diana Pino, Church Librarian, Church of the Epiphany, Herndon, VA

I have to smile, because I love it that this church is named after the Epiphany, a favorite event of Little Star!

Thank you Diana for the note.

And thank you all for your continued support of Little Star and the ministry of Frolicking Home.

Just to keep you up on some of the things going on…

…We will be doing a reprint of Little Star in the Spring/Summer timeframe and are very excited about the fact that we are reaching the bottom of our pile of books from our first printing!

…We are now speaking at schools! Many schools invite authors to speak to students and I have been asked to speak at several schools. In addition to reading Little Star to the students and talking about him, I also give presentations to classes on how to create an outline so that they learn the basics of writing too! If any of you know of a school that would be interested in having me speak to them and make presentations, please let me know! If outlining isn’t the topic they would like me to cover, I’m happy to do others as well and will tailor a presentation to meet their needs. I will travel anywhere. Fees are negotiable. Just contact me at

…When I do speak at schools, in addition to having copies of Little Star to offer students (at a reduced price if purchased at the event), we also have stars that light up! Two types: one is a blinking star (multiple settings of different colors that shine) on a lanyard, the other a choice of colored star (red, green, blue or white) on a wand with fiber optics. They have been a big hit and are not only fun, but serve as a continual reminder that each of us has a light to shine for Jesus! And that shining for Jesus can be FUN!!!! (That’s why we frolick here at Frolicking Home! It’s our little lamb happy dance!)

…This Spring we will also be starting the work for our second book, which has already been written, but needs to be illustrated by our favorite artist, Gary Sanchez. And then the publishing fun begins! So stay tuned for more about that!

…And last but certainly not least, we are in discussions with a company to make Little Star into an e-book!

So we have been very busy getting the ground work laid for our future. Your continued prayers for this ministry are much appreciated.

Hope to see you soon!

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